Some say there will never be peace in the Middle East.
We believe that can change – one performance at a time.

Sound of Hope

My Favorite Enemy is an unlikely collaboration between top selling Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, American and Norwegian songwriters and recording artists. Some have called us “the sound of hope.” With lyrics in Arabic, Hebrew and English, My Favorite Enemy proves that music truly is a universal language.

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Changing Hearts

At our shows, we’ve seen ambassadors brought to tears. We’ve seen some hearts begin a healing process and others open up to the possibility of getting to know the other – living in peace with “the other.” It has to begin somewhere.

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Middle East Program

“We believe that it is possible to create a Middle East that is peaceful, open and prosperous. A place where human life is highly valued and the quality of life is steadily improving; where justice and human rights are respected; where religious, cultural and political diversity is both appreciated and secured through mutual trust and freedom of expression.”

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